Where’s the Magic in Your Experience?

Last weekend my wife and I celebrated our 12th anniversary with a three-day weekend getaway in Dallas. Our objective was to have a magical weekend. We went lots of places, did lots of things, visited lots of businesses. But, we had to create our own magic. That’s because the restaurants, businesses and attractions we visited left it up to us. There were no magic spots in our experience.

In my latest podcast episode, I shared those experiences in more detail and the importance of creating magic spots in your customer’s experience. If you have 16 minutes, you can listen to the episode below, titled: MAGIC MARKETING: The Light and Dark. But I also have some questions for you about your business.

Podcast: Magic Spots in the Customer Experience and Magic Marketing Pixie Dust

(See the podcast page: Power to the Small Business)

MAGIC SPOTS: Unexpected memorable moments in the experience that customers will later fondly recall, then feel compelled to share with their friends and family.

What my wife and I found during the weekend was that we got pretty much what we expected from the businesses we visited. There were no bad experiences to report,  but at the same time, there were no magic moments in our experiences. Consequently, we had no great stories to tell when we got back home. We had a list of things we did, and not much more to say. It was an awesome weekend, but the magic we made was our own.

Here are the questions for your business:

1. What do your customers expect in exchange for the money they give you?

2. What do you do for your customers that’s unexpected?

3. What are your MAGIC SPOTS?

Are you giving your customers something to remember and retell?

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