Zoom Your Way to Fresh Ideas

To say fresh, you have to keep the creative juices flowing. This may be difficult to do in a four-wall, 5ft-by-5ft office at 40+ hours a week. So how do you keep your creative spark going in a world filled with routine? You go Zooming!

You step out of your comfort zone and go exploring, in search of innovation and a fresh perspective on an old situation. One of my favorites is Magazine Zooming. Check out the video below.

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The Magazine Zooming Rundown

Zooming: Stretching yourself. Stimulating new ideas by exposing yourself to new information and the possibility of change. (Courtesy: Seth Godin)

The goal is to expose yourself to ideas outside of your own industry. You may be able to apply ideas from another industry and apply them to your own, creating a new synergy.

  1. If you’re not feeling creative, get of the office and head for the book store.
  2. From the magazine racks, choose three random magzines.
  3. Choose a random article to read from each random magazine.
  4. Expose yourself to new ideas.
  5. How can you apply this new information to your business?

Have fun and get out of the office!

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