How to Spend 10 Minutes a Day on Social Media

In his new book Increase Online Sales Through Viral Social Networking, my friend Stephen Woessner contends that small businesses can manage their social media marketing in just 10 minutes per day. If true, that’s great news for the small business owner because time is the biggest investment in social media marketing. Woessner has simplified the process into a 10 minute checklist.

You do not have to be on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn all day in order to be successful with social networking…you probably do not have the luxury of assigning someone within your organization the full-time responsibility of becoming the company’s social networking expert.

Stephen Woessner – Viral Social Networking


The 10 Minutes a Day Social Networking Checklist

1. Write two new status updates/posts, Tweets and network updates.

2. Reply to comments posted by members concerning your previous status updates/posts.

3. Scan your Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn news feed and make one comment per day regarding one of their status updates.

4. Check your Facebook “Events” section on your Facebook news feed to find the current birthday lists. Write birthday wishes to those friends having birthdays.

5. Reply to pending inbox, InMail (LinkedIn), and direct messages.

The 10 Minute Tool

Being on three of the big social networking sites, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, will stretch your 10 minute budget. To stay on schedule Woessner recommends using NutshellMail, a free tool from Constant  Contact to monitor all your social media activity in one place, and at one time, by email.


To stretch my time budget, I recently started using Postling, which has most of the same functions as NutshellMail, including email monitoring. But Postling also lets you post directly to your WordPress website blog and let’s you upload directly to YouTube and Flickr. I especially like it’s status update scheduling feature.


Postling has a free starter account for small businesses, but also offers premium plans with more features and tools for larger businesses. Using this link, you can get a 25% discount on the premium plans: Postling (affiliate link).

All this is great news! A process and the tools to manage your social media marketing in just 10 minutes a day. The only other thing you need is the discipline to limit yourself to 10 minutes a day. :)

Disclosures: Woessner uses The Marketing Spot as an example in the book. There are affiliate links in this post.

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