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Is it Time for Small Business to Ditch Facebook?

Episode #98 of Power to the Small Business Podcast

Is it time for small businesses to stop using Facebook

At one time, Facebook seemed like a Godsend to small businesses. Get access to a social media channel where you could theoretically reach more than 50% of your potential customers. And it was all free. Wow! Was Facebook really a blessing, or maybe it was a trap.

Facebook is now turning down the volume on your brand page posts so that only 1-2% of your fans are naturally seeing your content. It’s a move to force you to pay-to-play. And that doesn’t seem fair, does it?

Jason Falls of Social Media Explorer calls it a Swindle, and he is our featured guest on this episode of Power to the Small Business.

Guest: Jason Falls of Social Media Explorer, and CafePress
Host: Jay Ehret of

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Show Notes

Topics Discussed:

  • Facebook limited visibility of brand page posts
  • Will small businesses still use Facebook
  • Does this really kill the whole “marketing 2.0” ideal?
  • What approach should businesses take with their brand page.

Selected Quotes from the show:

They (Facebook) are going to have to make it worthwhile financially to invest the time and energy in the organic Facebook content and then supplementing that, obviously, with some sort of media buy.

“What that means for the (Facebook) user is that branded content will be really spammy.”

What Facebook is doing here is admitting that it is now a media outlet on which brands wishing to reach audiences need to advertise to reach those audiences.

“Why would you worry now about collecting Likes on your Facebook page if Facebook is going to prevent that audience from seeing your content?”
~ Jason Falls

Read Jason’s article: The Great Facebook Swindle and What to do About It
Jason Falls on Twitter
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