Taglines: When the Brand Name Doesn’t Promise

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What’s in a brand’s name? Not nearly enough. Especially when it comes to communication of the brand’s promise. This is a key point, because the brand’s promise is what motivates customers to shop.

Take, for example: Maurices.  Would you shop there? Why would you shop there? Without clicking on the link, you might not even know what Maurices is. It’s a women’s apparel store, by the way. But what kind of women’s apparel store: Casual, dressy, contemporary? Why should you shop there? So many questions. Maurices is in desperate need of a tagline.

Brand Communication and Taglines


When creating a new business, entrepreneurs struggle to choose a name they think will attract customers. It’s a tall order, limited by many factors including competition and available website domain names. Over at Branding Strategy Insider, Brad Van Auken tells us that when naming a business…

“It is also desirable for the brand name to communicate the brand’s unique value proposition if possible. (This is a tall order, so many brands should be happy to rely on the tagline to do that.)”

Now we are getting back to the intersection of marketing and business. Your unique value proposition is inherent in the business you’ve created. It’s an extension of your entrepreneurial soul. It’s also marketing because your unique value proposition is what attracts customers. What makes your business unique is your brand’s promise + your brand’s personality. Communicating that proposition to customers with just a brand name is a monumental task. And that’s the need for a tagline.

Taglines and Your Business

A good tagline makes you a better business because it communicates your brand’s promise to an overwhelmed consumer trying to decide where to shop. Good taglines communicate your promise with personality. Taglines give your business both flavor and clarity. If you don’t have a tagline, it’s time to create one specifically for your business.

Creating a tagline for your business is not just a marketing exercise, it’s an introspective journey that forces you, the entrepreneur, to focus on the one reason why customers should do business with you. Do you have a good tagline that communicates your brand’s unique value?

To help you create your tagline, here are some resources:
What your tagline says – examples of local business taglines that communicate the brand promise.
The Tagline Creation Process – Four steps to creating your tagline.

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