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How to Explain Your Business

Episode #97 of Power to the Small Business Podcast

The best way to explain your business is to explain the why behind your business. But more often, when we communicate our brand, we focus on the what and the how. If that’s what you’re doing, you have an explanation problem. Press the play button in the audio player below to solve that problem.

The Art of Explanation by Lee Lefever

Guest: Lee Lefever – Co-Founder of Common Craft and author of The Art of Explanation
Host: Jay Ehret – Dean of Marketing Know-How at

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Lee Lefever and Common Craft changed the way people explain things on the web.  He and his wife developed the “Common Craft Style” of videos that have captured more than 50 million online views. Some of their more famous videos include Twitter in Plain English and What is Dropbox.

In this episode of Power to the Small Business, Lee joins Jay to discuss why it’s so difficult for entrepreneurs to explain their business, and how to solve the explanation problem.

Topics Discussed:

  • How to explain your business
  • Why it is so difficult to explain things
  • The curse of knowledge
  • How to be a better explainer
  • Are those your hands in the video?
  • What role does creativity play?

How to Explain Your Brand Show Notes

Selected Quotes from the show by Lee Lefever:

A lot of businesses work so deeply in what they do, they lose touch of what It’s like to hear about their product for the first time.”

People are less likely to buy what they don’t understand.

So many people on the web are so focused on making money that they forget to produce value.
~ Lee Lefever

Show Links:

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Lee’s Book: The Art of Explanation
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Simon Sinek on Why:

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