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>Spot On! Marketing Tip: Communicate One Idea in Concrete Terms


What you want to tell your customers is often not what they need to hear. Because you own and manage your business, you think in details and abstractions. So the rule for your advertising communications is to tell customers what they need and want to know, not what you want to tell them.

Narrow your message to one big idea. Focus on your brand promise and put it in concrete terms, not abstract ideas. For example, let’s say you were a small medical clinic in a community dominated by a large regional hospital. Your big idea was choice: the availability to choose between multiple health-care providers in town. Your message should not be “we give you the option to choose your health care provider” and then list the reasons why that is a good thing. That’s too abstract.

Instead frame your message in concrete terms: You’re sitting in our waiting room, waiting to see your personal physician. What if you didn’t have that choice? What if you had to go to (other option) and you didn’t have a choice?

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