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Everybody seems to be talking about it. “We had to stop doing xyz because of current economic conditions.” Yep, times are tough for many businesses and it’s easy to put the blame on the economy. You may even be doing it yourself. But it’s important

Consider the current economic conditions from two distinct paradigms: as an excuse or as a reason. An excuse removes responsibility. It’s like saying, “Well, what can I do? It’s useless in these current economic conditions.” A reason presents a obstacle that must be overcome, “Well, what can I do? I’ve got to figure out how to get around these current economic conditions.”

It’s the difference between reaction and pro-action. I’m not saying ignore the economy. But a continuous strategy of reaction puts you behind those companies being proactive. If you’re plan is to lay low until things get better, you’ll be ill-prepared to succeed when they do.

While things may be tough right now, they are also a golden opportunity. There are plenty of businesses using current economic conditions as an excuse. Or maybe you can use them as a reason to prepare for future economic conditions.

What’s your outlook? What are you doing about future economic conditions?

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Speaking The Right Marketing Language

Professor Donald Puglisi packed the house this week at the University of Delaware. His topic: “Rational Investing at a Time of Financial Crisis and Panic” He used words like “abysmal,” “anguish,” “pain and suffering,” and “bloodbath.” “More bad news is coming,” Puglisi warned. Who do you think attended this talk? What was their mentality? It

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