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>Powercast #5: What Company Are You?


Powercast is the Friday morning small-business marketing briefing, broadcast by Jay Ehret live on UStream at 9am Central.

This week it was learned that Microsoft plans to open retail stores, some of which will be located next to Apple Stores. Last month, Microsoft rolled out it’s revamped search engine, Bing. That begs the question: What is Microsoft? The answer is not clearly evident. But what about you? Do customers know what company you are?

In this Powercast we discuss how to create your value proposition by asking some very simple questions. You should be able to clearly communicate your company’s value in less than 60 seconds. Your value proposition clarifies the brand for both you and the customer. Your goal is to own a word that defines your company.

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Your Value Proposition:

  1. This is the business we’re in.
  2. This is what we do.
  3. Here’s who we bring value to.
  4. Here’s how we positively impact lives.
  5. Here’s how we monetize that.
  6. Here’s how it’s good for everybody.

What word do you want to own? What company are you?

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