>Let’s Make a Deal on Advertising

>If you are going to be advertising, now is the time to strike a good deal. EMarketer reports that overall spending on advertising is down for the first half of 2007. TV, newspaper and radio have all taken a hit.

This past week I had a radio station call me directly and told me they were ready to make a deal for one of my clients. They were basically asking me to make them an offer.

There are a couple of important points to keep in mind, here:
First, if you are going to advertise, now is a great time to do some negotiating. Do not accept rate card rates. And when you do negotiate, lock in these rates for the long term (if you plan on advertising consistently).

Second, don’t be tempted by “packages.” These are plans that media outlets structure to make it look like you are getting a great rate, but they are really just spreading your advertising out into low-demand, cheaper units.

Third, when you advertise, always buy enough reach and frequency to get the job done. Concentrate your efforts in one media outlet with sufficient coverage before you add a second.

So call your media rep, they’ll be glad to hear from you!

For a brief explanation of reach and frequency: Reach and Frequency
For a more detailed explanation: Reach vs. Frequency

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