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>Book Review: Mommy, Where do Customers Come From?

I met author Larry Bailin at Blog World Expo in Las Vegas last month and found him knowledgeable and engaging. Not to mention we have similar hair styles. He invited me to read his book and I’m glad he did.

This is the review I posted on Amazon earlier today:
Read this book before you develop a website. Most small businesses lack the finances to hire a true web expert when they first build a website. That’s OK if you read this book first. Armed with the knowledge of this book you will be able to go to your web designer and say “This is how I want it” and “No, don’t do that” with authority.

Larry rockets through the essential area of website development with short chapters written in an irreverent style. Subjects covered are: website design, web strategy, search engine optimization, website functionality, website analytics, email marketing, and choosing a website programmer. It has the most understandable explanation on how search engines work that I have ever read. Everything is written on a non-technical level so that you can understand the concepts.

Larry writes that he hopes you find at least one practical solution in reading this book. In truth you will take away several. You will have several “aha’ moments. If you already have a website, you will read something and say…”I need to get that fixed.”

The only thing lacking from this book is a little more depth. Larry gives you a great surface overview and several useful ideas. But because the book is written concisely it’s a little short on what to do next. Maybe that can be Larry’s next book.

I highly recommend this book for small business owners getting ready to develop a website. Read this book before you spend the money on a website. If you already have one, read this book so you know what you need to go back and fix.

Deeper Insight
Larry has agreed to be one of my first Marketing Spot blogcast guests in the near future. We will ask him to give us some very practical advice on small business websites.

UPDATE: Listen to Larry’s interview here: Premier Blogcast: 4 Things You Need To Know About Getting a Website

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