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>Can’t get enough marketing? Here’s a collection of small business marketing articles and blog posts to keep you busy through the weekend. Click on article title for the link.

Word Of Mouth
Guy KawasakiWord of Mouth vs. Key Influencers
Guy says that to get buzz for your business, you don’t need the key influencers. Go with the normal folk. This flies in the face of Malcolm Gladwell’s Law of the Few in The Tipping Point, but you judge for yourself.

eMarketerBoomers and Matures Mix Media Usage
What’s the best form of advertising to drive customers to your website? That depends on the demographics of your customer. This article from eMarketer provides data on which media you should use if you are trying to drive traffic to your website.

The Greener GrassThe Role of Authenticity of in Building a Sustainability Brand
The Greener Grass project, which is about connecting people with ideas designed to have a positive impact, recently interviewed my friend John Moore on authenticity in branding. John authors the Brand Autopsy Blog, and he says that trying to manufacture authenticity will get you in trouble. Real authenticity comes from motive and sincerity. It’s a heavy, yet quick read.

Customer Experience
Seth GodinGetting sad at Whole Foods (more vs. less)
Seth uses a shopping experience at Whole Foods to nudge us to remember why customers originally started shopping with you in the first place. Changing the customer experience to prove your green-ness can have damaging effects.

Next week on The Marketing Spot Blog will focus on using the internet for small business marketing. We’ll cover websites for small businesses, getting started on blogging for your small business, using internet video.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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