>Whatever Happens is Supposed to Happen


Sometimes you learn what don’t you think you’re going to learn.

I spent about 7 hours with some very bright people this past Saturday at Podcamp San Antonio. I was looking to get better at podcasting and get some ideas to freshen up my podcast: Power To The Small Business. That didn’t really happen, which brings me to my first quote:

“Whatever happens is supposed to happen. Whoever is there, is supposed to be there.”
– Erica O’Grady

Erica participated the first ever Start-Up Weekend and was speaking about un-conferences, or user-generated conferences, as they are now known.

Marketers and small-business owners have a tendency to wonder why things happen. Why didn’t that campaign work? Why aren’t we getting more customers? Why aren’t sales higher? As if there were some mysterious, external reason why our brilliant ideas are not producing results.

Hey, Whatever is happening is supposed to happen. Whoever is there, is supposed to be there. Don’t complain about it. Learn from it. Which brings me to my second Podcamp takeaway quote.

“Build your network before you need it”
– Connie Reece

Connie re-told the amazing story of Susan Reynolds and the Frozen Pea Fund. In just a couple of months the two ladies, along with their networks, were able to establish a charitable organization and secure a large donation from ooVoo.

Marketers exist to fix things that weren’t built properly in the first place. Rarely are we called in on the ground floor to build a marketing foundation for a new business. Build your business and marketing plan before you need it.

So if I didn’t learn about podcasting in San Antonio, what did I learn about?

Coworking – The concept intrigues me. In our wireless, connected world it seems this emerging trend will become popular.

Camps – The whole camp/un-conference format throws agendas out the window and exposes your mind to unexpected learning.

*Note: Podcamp San Antonio did have a basics of podcasting track that I did not attend.

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