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It’s Time For a Transformation Plan

Introducing my brand new show: The Marketing Plan Podcast

Why aren’t you more successful? I’ve asked myself that question many times. My clients come to me asking that question, and my guess is that you’ve asked it of yourself. That question is the cause of the never-ending search to take a business to the so-called “next level.”

There is plenty of  advice out there on how to use tools and tactics.  This is the show that gives you a plan. The Marketing Plan Podcast, is a guided journey to take the business you currently own and transforming it into the extraordinary brand you’ve always dreamed it could be. I’ve developed a simplified system to building a marketing plan that can work for any small to medium-size business. One that you will understand, and one that you can build yourself… let’s get started.

I invite you to take a listen to Chapter 1: It’s Time for a Transformation Plan

Special Guest: Tim Berry, founder of Palo Alto Software and, Tim is a pioneer in business planning software and online business planning.

See complete show notes and links at The Marketing Plan Podcast Chapter 1 . Included in the show notes is one free month of personalized business planning at

Thanks for listening!
Jay Ehret
Dean of Marketing Know-How
The Marketing Spot

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Should You Follow Conventional Wisdom?

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