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Book Learning is a series of installments that goes deep inside an important chapter of a small business marketing book. Book reviews give you an excellent overview of a book and tell you whether or not you should buy it. Book Learning analyzes one particular chapter of a book and fleshes out the important practical applications of that chapter.

Installment #1 – Small Business Advertising: Sexy USP’s They’ll Love

Madscam by George Parker - Advertising book Chapter 3 from George Parker’s Madscam: Kick-Ass Advertising Without the Madison Avenue Price Tag

USP = Unique Selling Proposition. But how do you make it sexy?

SSP = Sexy Selling Proposition. Get your mind out of the gutter. I’m talking glamorous, head-turning, ear-catching.

See the full installment to create your Sexy Selling Position: Book Learning Installment #1

Installment #2 – Nine Compulsions That Keep Your Brand Mired in the Pack

Break from the Pack by Oren Harari Chapter 2 from Oren Harari’s Break From The Pack: How to Compete in a Copycat EconomyIt’s important not to be the same. But how do you get your brand to stand out, to break from the pack?The first step to gaining business individualism, is understanding why you are mired in the pack. Here are nine compulsions that will keep you in commodity hell. Stop doing them.See the full installment to avoid the nine compulsions: Book Learning Installment #2

Installment #3 –Ties That Bind: Three Concepts of Customer Relationships That Inspire Word of Mouth

Small Giants, Choosing to be great, by Bo Burlingham Chapter 4 from Bo Burlingham’s Small Giants: Companies That Choose to Be Great Instead of BigWhy don’t you get word of mouth?Most businesses view their mission as good service. “From eye-popping service come industry legends, rave reviews in the media, and fabulous word of mouth, which is the most effective marketing tool a company can have.”See the full installment to get the three concepts: Book Learning Installment #3

Would you like to be a contributor to Book Learning? If you have an important chapter to share from a business book, please consider being guest contributor to The Marketing Spot.

Contact me with your name and contact information, the book and chapter you would like to contribute, and the key lesson from that chapter.


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