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Episode #25 of Power to the Small Business podcast.

The Internet show about small business marketing.

Small business owners often play a dual role of both marketer and manager. That can rip your marketing mind in half. Left-brain management thinking is at odds with right-brain marketing thinking. Best-selling author Laura Ries says to be a good entrepreneur you need to be a right-brainer.

In their new book: War in the Boardroom, Laura and her father Al Ries tell you how to win this war and revive your marketing program. In this episode, Laura Ries says that “The key to success for any entrepreneur is going to be marketing.” You have to understand these forces that bog down your marketing program. She offers advice on how listen to your gut and encourages you to embrace your right-brain marketing mind.

Guests: Laura Ries – Author, Marketing Consultant
Length: 27 minutes

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Show Notes: Laura Ries – War in the Boardroom

Selected quotes from the episode by Laura Ries:

“What makes a good entrepreneur is being a strong right-brainer and not listening to your left-brain friends and advisors”

“In general, you have to go with your gut. That’s the whole idea of being a right-brainer.”

“It’s all about perception. That’s what really matters about building a brand.”

“What doesn’t work in marketing is common sense”

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