What’s the Best Business Use of Twitter?

**Updated February 3, 2011

I spoke on a panel last night for the Baylor Public Relations Student Society. A common theme was that every business should get a Twitter account. Why? Because it’s easy, I suppose. You’re account is active in a couple of minutes and you can begin tweeting to the world: “look at me!” But the world doesn’t care, unless…


Small businesses constantly complain that much of their advertising investment is wasted. The primary culprit of this wasted money is that most advertising is one-way communication: Business to consumer. So then why would you want to use Twitter in the same manner you advertise?

What is the best business use of Twitter, and really, all social media channels? In the Age of Conversation 2, Cathleen Rittereiser said that “Social media technology enables the communication that creates human connections.” Social media tools like Twitter, Facebook and MySpace are opportunities for you to make a human connection with your customers. Human connections create loyalty.

Here’s how to create human connections with your business Twitter account:

  • Don’t try to look bigger than you really are – People will learn quickly that you’re a fake. Be yourself, but at the same time, be the interesting you.
  • Share, don’t sell – Don’t be selfish. Give customers insight into why you do what you do. Give them a peek behind-the-curtain.
  • Enhance – Improve someone’s knowledge. Upgrade their experience with your business. Add to your customers’ arsenal of resources. Check out this tweet from Mr. Rooter on how to save your pluming during the Super Bowl.
  • Be Interesting – I saw a tweet recently from a business: “We changed the name of our Gala.” Not interesting. But this one caught my attention: “You can finally tell whether or not you snore with this iPhone app.”
  • Learn – This is my primary use of Twitter. Your customers have lots of great ideas. Let them tell you what they think. Solicit feedback that will make your business better.

Twitter Business Examples

How about some good Twitter in action? Here are some examples of how a local business can use Twitter the right way: AJ Bombers and AstroKitty Comics

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