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LinkedIn Marketing: Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced Tactics to Grow Your Business

Episode 95 of Power to the Small Business Podcast

LinkedIn Marketing Ideas Podcast
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Don’t think of LinkedIn as your typical social media marketing channel. It requires different tactics than Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and all the others. LinkedIn is it’s own breed; a breed that requires some pro-activity and a little elbow grease. But the rewards are measurable. In this episode of the Power to the Small Business podcast, LinkedIn marketing expert Josh Turner helps us understand the best strategies for using LinkedIn to grow our business.

Featured Segment Expert: Josh Turner – Founder of LinkedSelling
Host: Jay Ehret of

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In this episode of Power to the Small Business:

  • New Online Virtual Workshop: How to Create a Custom Marketing Plan to Transform Your Business
  • Podcast Reformat and coming attractions
  • The Power of Social Media Marketing
  • How much time should you spend on social media?
  • LinkedIn Marketing with Josh Turner of

LinkedIn Marketing Show Notes

Who should be looking to market their business on LinkedIn:

  1. B to B companies
  2. B to C companies by
  • Utilizing LinkedIn as a tool to develop press opportunities.
  • Reaching out to potential business partners

What is “doing LinkedIn?”

  1. Identifying prospects
  2. Creating a campaign to reach those people with a call to action.
    1. What are your goals?
    2. What activities will help you achieve those goals?

    Your profile is just the foundation. It takes proactive work to get results.

    Best LinkedIn Activities:

    1. Use it as a prospecting tool to generate leads
    2. People search
    3. Participating in Groups
    4. Sending Connection requests
    5. Sending messages to prospects a group you share

    What is a LinkedIn Campaign: Identifying a set of prospects and then designing a set of activities over a period of time with a specific call to action scheduled for the end of that campaign.

    Beginning LinkedIn
    1. Set up your profile
    2. Send out invites to all your contacts in your address book
    3. Create a company page
    4. Review the people in your company: what message are they communicating?

    Intermediate LinkedIn
    1. Get active with content distribution.
    2. Post status updates from your profile and company page. Once per day is good.
    3. Share in groups and develop conversations. Twice per month start a conversation.

    Advanced LinkedIn:
    1. Send people a connection request on LinkedIn before you meet with them

    • Then look at their connections on LinkedIn.
    • Look for specific people to ask for an introduction during your meeting

    2. Participate in LinkedIn Groups

    • You can reach out to the connections of other group members

    Workshop: Create a Custom Marketing Plan for  Your Business
    Josh Turner on LinkedIn


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