The Best Small Business Marketing Blogs

These are some of my favorite blogs for small business marketing advice. Check them out and consider subscribing to them.

The Marketing Minute – Written by Drew Mclellan, one of the organizers and editors of the Age of Conversation books. Drew gives straightforward, practical marketing advice that you can use on a local level.

ConverStations – Mike Sansone thinks of blogs as platforms for conversations. Check out Mike’s blog for discussions on blogging and social media.

David Airey :: Graphic and Logo Design – David is a talented graphic artist who specializes in brand identity. Check out his blog for branding, design and logos.

Small Biz Survival – Becky McCray is a rural and small town business resource. From her liquor store in Alva, Oklahoma Becky blogs about small town business and marketing.

Brains on Fire – Big brand smarts for small brands. The talented team at Brains on Fire blogs about creating marketing movements.

Tagline Jim – Tagline expert Jim Morris has written many a successful, and famous, taglines now he blogs about the good, the bad, and the ugliness of taglines.

Struggling Entrepreneur – Podcast from former IBM’er Fred Castaneda. Fred interviews entrepreneurs about their successes, and failures, in business.

The Publicity Hound – Joan Stewart is The Publicity Hound and publicity expert. She blogs about how to use free publicity to establish credibility and get attention.

Stories That Sell – Casey Hibbard is all about staying in touch with the customer, calling satisfied customers your most powerful sales and marketing asset. She blogs about turning customer stories into effective marketing tools.

THINKing – Advertising, PR, marketing and social media from Harry Hoover and his creative team.

CoolMarketingStuff – Charles Sipe keeps his fingers on the pulse of branding and great marketing books.

Marketing Profs Daily Fix – A collection of bloggers from a variety of marketing disciplines. You’ll get a little bit of everything from the Daily Fix.

ChaosScenario – Smart marketing advice on branding, blogging and more from smart marketers Cam Beck.

Maximum Customer Experience – Kelly Erickson blogs about improving your customer service to increase your bottom line.

Bigg Success – Podcast that mixes business, entrepreneurship, marketing, and life into a daily dose of must-listen. George Krueger and Mary-Lynn Foster are the producers and hosts.

Small Business Conversations from Network Solutions – Wide variety of marketing and business advice to help small business owners grow their business.

Business Consulting Buzz – A blog that dispenses advice about how to become a consultant, but is also filled with marketing advice and profiles of successful consultants/marketers.

Brain Based Biz – Robyn McMaster knows the brain. She blogs about using your brain and mind to refresh your business and marketing.

Small Business Search Marketing –  Matt McGee writes an excellent blog on how to promote your small business online.

Cat’sEye Writer Blog – Judy Dunn writes about how to show up online in unique, real ways and how to attract more visitors to your blog with compelling copy.

Seth’s Blog – In my opinion, Seth Godin is the preeminent marketing mind. Author of several best-selling books including Purple Cow andPermission Marketing, Seth dispenses daily doses of both marketing and business wisdom.

Branding Strategy Insider – The most focused marketing blog on the web and a repository of incredible branding advice. Sometimes leans toward corporate and big brands, but can still be applied to small business.

Brand Autopsy – Former Starbucks and Whole Foods marketer John Moore doles out pithy marketing observations and recommendations. He is also a great source for business book reviews.

Social Media Productivity – Kyle Lacy is every where in social media and he knows what he’s talking about. Read his blog to learn how to better integrate social media into your marketing plan.

The Direct Marketing Voice – Written by Cynthia Fedor of QuantumDigital, The DMV covers direct mail, eMarketing, and print.

The Joy of Marketing – Written by Erin Verbeck and Sarah Petty. Very big with independent photographers but good for small businesses of any type.

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  1. […] about a business will be shown in a special sidebar for users to browse, which increases exposure.The emphasis on social media for small business marketers has always been strong, but it is becoming…always been strong, but it is becoming more important than ever before now that more tools are […]

  2. […] while customer retention programs and social media allow businesses to keep loyal customers close.Some companies may find it daunting to enter the world of online marketing and social media, but it …ter the world of online marketing and social media, but it is important for them to keep in mind […]

  3. […] and collaborators, who will relish the office supply savings that the products net them.  Many small businesses focus much of their time, resources and attention on the puzzle of how best to…s. There are a number of tools available for local companies to use in aid of connecting with […]

  4. […] business elsewhere. Such a trade-off, as in the case of trick-or-treaters, is well worth the price.No matter how old people become, they'll always be primed to enjoy some candy around Halloween. Memo…">promotional products perfect for the middle of fall. Organizations that are looking to […]

  5. […] Remind customers of this fact and help to make the second annual Small Business Saturday a success.Small businesses are often relegated to the back of people's minds. The overpowering advertising tha…of malls, outlets and other major retail centers. However, local companies are fighting back and are […]

  6. […] will raise money for schools and reservations while raising awareness of a small business.  What a lot of the analysis and theorizing about marketing comes down to is this – does a brand or or…; minds? By many ways of reckoning, this is the single most important task that small business […]

  7. […] should be liberally used when reaching out to fellow members of the business community.  Marketing to individual consumers may not be easy, but business-to-business marketing can be a tough…l. No matter what a company offers, it can usually persuade people that it would be a good idea for […]

  8. […] new experiences and contacts that will come to you from blogging or whoever does it for you.           Online Marketing for Small Business: Blogging Blogging, as it pertains t…-Code.png" alt="" width="300" height="300" />       Online Marketing for Small […]

  9. […] are no better off than when they were sitting in the dark with no information at all.  Small business owners often have to navigate the murky waters of marketing in order to increase thei…s. This can be a difficult task because, especially at the beginning, it might seem like there […]

  10. […] written for a general audience can be helpful, but not at the expense of a customer core.  It might be an overused industry buzzword, but synergy is an important term for small business marke…rn. In essence, the word simply means that different parts of a whole are working together toward a […]

  11. […] can learn details by following branded products' directions to an informative blog.Blogging may seem like something individuals do to share stories or communicate with like-minded peo…es. In fact, according to a survey by American Express, 8 percent of small businesses use blogging […]

  12. […] the power of a small business' podcast can trump print media or even some online efforts any day.Long after the debut of the television, radio was still a force to be reckoned with. Before handheld devices and digital files, people couldn't take the TV experience with them and […]

  13. […] take advantage of online marketing options, it may be the only way to succeed going forward.  Quite a few small business owners and managers have resolved to take advantage of the many tools the…s. While online activity may seem like a more direct way to engage in marketing and advertising to […]

  14. […] people and will pique their curiosity on top of the interest that guaranteed savings already have.After the excitement of Black Friday has died down, local companies are encouraged to take advantage…organizations to get their share of the holiday season market. According to Business News Daily, […]

  15. […] their companies as thoroughly modern will likely find that QR codes will be effective.  One of the most difficult challenges that small business marketers face today is the rapid pace at w…gy. It seems as if the moment that companies have figured out a way to reach customers through a […]

  16. […] These humanizing elements help transform the abstract art of creating a narrative through marketing.The internet and its wealth of information have a curious effect on modern they are actually well-equipped, for the first time in advertising history, to make somewhat […]

  17. […] transact is on the website and therefore relies upon the site itself for its continued sustenance.It can be difficult for some companies to strike a balance between a fully-digital marketing push an…ds. According to a survey of over 500 small businesses (of which 74 percent had nine or fewer […]

  18. […] will remind people at their happiest and most relaxed about their favorite companies and services.Promotional products are effective tools for small business marketing thanks to their notable versat… business marketing thanks to their notable versatility. Happily, now that we're on the […]

  19. […] in conjunction with the more traditional marketing techniques, such as promotional products.The era of the smartphone has arrived, and small businesses would do well to take advantage of this …d. According to Nielsen Research, smartphones accounted for 31 percent of all mobile phones in 2010 […]

  20. […] Google with plenty of new text to work with every time there's a search for relevant keywords.The internet is quickly becoming the new battleground for businesses, large and small, to succeed or…pon. As a result, it is important for small business owners to know the basics of internet marketing […]

  21. […] ensure that the traffic of Small Business Saturday will return to you throughout the upcoming year.Small Business Saturday was designed to give the “Main Street” stores a chance to cash in on the…season out to the public and march toward their year-end numbers solidly in the black. In recent […]

  22. […] freezing cold. Offer customers a promotional keyring to keep a company name in their minds.  Most promotional products can be used all year long. ink">promotional products can be used all year long. While there are a handful of highly specific […]

  23. […] WordPress, wordpress plug-ins, plug-ins, outsourcing, web design, plug-in managementby Guest Blogger Karl Walinskas Hurrah! Open Source Software! We love it! Really? I'm not a tech gen…nage the zillion plug-ins I have running on my site all by myself. Just shoot me, but delegating is […]

  24. […] evolved to show users which techniques and methods have yielded the most lead conversions and value.The books have yet to close on 2011, but it seems as if analysts are already finished with that year… It's a good idea to begin looking forward rather than staring back at the past, especially when […]

  25. […] is within an industry, the more likely they are to attract new and curious consumers.  There are a number of ways for small businesses to market themselves to customers, but the best are …y. It's important to demonstrate to customers and clients that an organization is capable of […]

  26. […] savings to make sure they're interested in visiting a company's physical location.  For a long time, marketing has relied on the postal service. e. Some of the first methods of advertising were in the form of postcards in the mail or catalogs […]

  27. […] a logo or building a website should be accounted for and planned out far in advance.  There are many techniques for effectively marketing a small business, but some of the best generally…ng. It can be frustrating for organizations to devote large sums of money on short-term goals, so it […]

  28. […] even better for the environment and will hopefully make even more of an impact on customers.  Some of the best methods for raising awareness of a brand or organization involve being timely and f…e. The Christmas season has arrived, so it isn't difficult for companies to appropriately […]

  29. […] showcasing its expertise and don't make consumers feel as if they're being tricked.  Many companies find that trade shows or other industry events are excellent ways to learn more about…rk. Unfortunately, most organizations aren't going to be able to attend such gatherings unless […]

  30. […] tremendously if they can understand how knowledge of their services is being disseminated.  Companies that don't have the resources to perform in-depth market research can often find themselve…niques. Investments in branding strategies that go nowhere can seem like monumental wastes, […]

  31. […] from most app stores and help to make small business owners walking promotional machines.  There are a number of different advantages that technology provides for small businesses. s. Besides making it easier than ever to communicate with customers, companies can now effectively […]

  32. […] will be seen, there's no way to effectively characterize them for prospective customers.  There are quite a few variables small business marketers must consider when they embark on a brandin…gn. Besides simply raising awareness of products and services, companies also have to determine the […]

  33. […] intuitively, so make sure not to neglect page design when creating a commercial web presence.  Successfully appealing to customers often involves predicting how they're going to see a business or…ompany. That makes it very important to know what kinds of devices they'll be using when they […]

  34. […] apparent that they're taking time out of their busy schedules to address their concerns.  Small businesses may often feel as if they are at a significant disadvantage when it comes to compet…s. In many ways, this is not an unfounded thought. Big corporations have considerable resources that […]

  35. […] the most part using social media sites doesn't demand a highly specialized skill set.  Customer outreach is one of the single most important tasks for any small business If a company can forge a relationship with its customers, it will surely find some level of […]

  36. […] piece of media, so a well-made video can reach a broader audience on Facebook or Twitter.  Video is becoming more and more prevalent on the internet. It is difficult to visit a personal blog,…o. This may seem like unnecessary clutter to online marketers, but it actually signals a change that […]

  37. […] can begin the process of generating apps that will make customer engagement even easier.  It remains to be seen how successful Google+ will be as a social media tool. l. The massive advantages that Facebook has in terms of size, features and familiarity may be enough […]

  38. […] social media account will be as ineffective as one that's offensive or nonexistent. The internet offers quite a few ways for organizations to market themselves, chief among them search…n. However, SEO is only one piece of the puzzle and the marketing technique to be supplemented with […]

  39. […] help organizations to divine the future a bit better and promote themselves accordingly.  One of the disadvantages that small businesses often find themselves laboring under is the discrepan…e. National organizations usually have large operating budgets that allow them to conduct extensive […]

  40. […] to the people who have come across a website thanks to Google and other online efforts.  There is quite a lot for small business owners and marketers to keep in mind when they begin a campa…t. Social media, search engine optimization, promotional products, inbound marketing, brand […]

  41. […] goods and services should be a powerful ally for any retail-oriented small business.  Small businesses interested in marketing themselves on the internet should realize that Google is th…d. Besides controlling the results of searches and organizing the detailed maps, Google produces a […]

  42. […] different landing pages can help to improve the appearance and experience of a website.  Companies in a number of different industries, but especially retail, are girding themselves for the…rs. The holiday season is just about to gear up, meaning that companies need to be able to properly […]

  43. […] of a company that's given a consumer considerable value will be very much appreciated.  On the day after Thanksgiving, store owners and consumers will brace themselves for the onslaught of…ay. Analysts will be wondering whether the rush will be enough to stimulate the economy, while […]

  44. […] it also makes choosing one company over another worthwhile for socially conscious customers.  The tragic death of Apple CEO Steve Jobs earlier this year has created an outpouring of articles abo…ile devices later in life, Steve Jobs is surely a man to be emulated and an inspiration to any […]

  45. […] do well to tone down the bonhomie and instead focus on other aspects of their organizations.  There are quite a few rules for small business marketers that may seem These gospel truths are often the basis for major organizational strategies, whether on the […]

  46. […] of a company's name, Google doesn't jump to recommend the full version for them.  Any company that doesn't understand the importance of Google has either been operating under a rock …he internet. Organizations surely realize, whether they engage in search engine optimization […]

  47. […] that she adds receive moderate savings and a small business finds a host of new customers.  Social media is an excellent way for local companies to extend their appeal to a wider variety of cu…s. Many of the tools that are developing on the internet are hybrid devices that are perfect for […]

  48. […] of nature. This allows companies to further specialize the messages they send to consumers.  The holiday season is approaching, which means that many events (both commercial and non-commercial)…There are holiday parties, family gatherings, trade shows and company meetings for which people need […]

  49. […] media platforms, one's ability to attract and retain customers will certainly increase.  One of the best ways for small businesses to engage the public and raise awareness of their products…gs. Social media engagement can clue devoted customers into surprise discounts, promotional products […]

  50. […] has offered them in their quest for more information about products and services.  There are a great many ways that various social media platforms can make small business marketing ea…er. Companies can stay in touch with customers to keep them informed about ongoing promotions or […]

  51. […] know about the promotion, a company can offer slightly smaller savings by traditional means.  The most powerful trends in the marketing and advertising world today are all focused on being non-i…ve. Online branding efforts are centered around passively drawing customers to a company website, […]

  52. […] users who are clearly interested in a business and have shown curiosity about it in the past.  For a format that only requires 140 characters per post, the proper usage of Twitter can seem compli…ce. While many private individuals use it as a casual tool and don't invest much time or energy […]

  53. […] and journals give a glimpse into the mindset of a company's core group of consumers.  A lot of marketing advice these days focuses on ways that companies can connect to Demographic research, social media campaigns and unique advertising strategies seem to be the […]

  54. […] â Phone provide local and toll free numbers. â Fax Not many … Content Retrieval Marketing Mix Management, Traditional Media And Web. Includes …2 Get Results Marketing Mix Activi…ures" title="Web Marketing Business pictures" […]

  55. […] go past either of these products if your a small business owner trying to take your business online!The biggest problem any new website owner faces (aside from creating the website) is generating qual…Traffic Mafia, it will teach you exactly what you needs to know to create a long term never ending […]

  56. […] efforts so companies are not flying blind and spending money that is not productive. … Read News Ethiopian Business Development Services Network (EBDSN)In most small businesses, marketing outlet a…ing Strategies For Small Businesses" […]

  57. […] ]]> When we look at various companies and businesses that are found throughout the world – many peopl…ers. After analysis we can be sure that it is down to significant and quality sales and marketing […]

  58. […] this link for a free webinar on small business internet marketing Small Business Marketing StrategyYou'll probably be relieved to know that this article is not all about the technical structure of yo…Getting Rid Of The Brochure Mentality Most small business owners and entrepreneurs build a website […]

  59. […] a better production system a better business system a better marketing system a … Fetch Content MISTAKE NUMBER ONESix Deadly Small Business Marketing Mistakes (and how to fix ‘em) David Fre…rketing Consulting Pictures" title="Small Business Marketing Consulting Pictures" […]

  60. […] You may click on the book graphic to purchase the book through my Amazon Affiliate store.For the past week, I have been getting ready to teach a Gendai™ Reiki Shinpiden level class, which…" alt="" width="150" height="150" />For the past week, I have been getting ready to teach a […]

  61. […] this post? Share it with your friends!by ANNA DEWINTER Small businesses know how important it is to have a strong online presence if thei… businesses know how important it is to have a strong online presence if their brand is to succeed; […]

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