Moving Your Business From Commodity to Necessity

If you find yourself battling competition by lowering your price, you are operating as a commodity business. It’s not fun shaving profit margins to keep up. But what if you could move your business from commodity to necessity selling the same product you already sell. You can, if you take the focus off the product and place it on the customer’s experience. How? With experiential standards.

I caught up with customer experience authority John DiJulius at a recent corporate training event he was conducting in Dallas. DiJulius is the author of two excellent books on the customer experience: What’s the Secret and Secret Service. He says the way to break the commodity tie with your competition is to go beyond operational standards, and implement non-negotiable experiential standards. I captured this video on my iPhone of John telling how these standards work

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In the video, John advises you to map out a customer experience. I have developed a tool that you can use to inject these experiential standards into your business: Customer Experience Map. I call these experiential standards, Magic Spots, and you can read more about them here: Magic Spots in the Customer Experience.

Feeling like a commodity? What experiential standards can you create to break the tie with your competition?

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