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Announcing: Small Business Website Solution

Just last week it happened again. A client threw up his hands in frustration. The reason? He was unable to update his website when he wanted. In addition the website looked outdated. My client was frustrated because he was unable to reach the guy he hired to build and manage his site. Even worse, some requested site updates (which costs extra every time the guy updates the site) were actually being rejected by the web manager. As my client through up his hands in frustration, he said, "My website is being held hostage." Such is the world of small business websites

I wish I could say this story is rare, but it is all too common. In my eight years as a marketing consultant, my biggest marketing frustration from clients has been websites. They take too long to build, they’re too expensive for most small businesses to afford, and when they are built, the business often doesn’t have full control of the website. Small business websites are being held hostage. So I decided to take matters into my own hands.

Over the past year I have been developing a website building solution that will provide small businesses a website within two weeks, for under $1000. Today, I announce that solution: JIffyBat! Small Business Websites.


Websites Done Right

CONTROL – With JiffyBat! you own the website. There are no third parties holding your website hostage. You own the domain name, you own the hosting account, you own the website! Make updates whenever you want for no additional charge.

TIME – Everything that was wrong with the small business website process we tried to correct with JiffyBat! The first was the time it takes to get your website built. It takes too long. So we streamlined the process, once you submit your forms, your website is built in two weeks.

COST – I am continuously amazed at what some business have to pay to get a website. JiffyBat! makes it affordable for any small business to get a website. Our Basic Bat, five-page website is only $999. There are no additional monthly maintenance fees, and you never have to pay to update your site. The only other expense you have is the cost of your domain name (about $10 a year) and website hosting (around $95 per year).

FUNCTIONALJiffyBat! websites are optimized for search engines and easy to update yourself. We use the popular WordPress content management system to build our websites.

RESOURCES – We have tutorials to show you how to update your website whenever you want. We also provide the JiffyBat! guide to writing website copy.

ACCESSIBILITY – JiffyBat! is a collaborative effort between my company The Marketing Spot, and Round Rock, Texas web developer Amy Gelfand. We are accessible by email and by telephone.

So, if you need a professional, inexpensive website, and want control of your own website, and you want a website in two weeks, please see www.JiffyBat.com for more information.

Email subscribers and feed readers, please click here to see the into video: Why Choose JiffyBat!

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