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Podcast Episode #53 – Integration, Messaging In Social Media, Brand Leverage, Listening to the Customers


Hear ye, Hear ye! Interested citizens of The Internet, you are invited to the fifth gathering of the Marketers Roundtable.

Whereas marketers like to congregate and discuss marketing,
Therefore, let them gather at The Marketers RoundTable to discuss marketing issues for all to hear on
Power to the Small Business.

Bill Schley David ID
Denise Lee YohnBrand as Business

Harry Hoover
My Creative Team
Jay Ehret The Marketing Spot (Podcast Host)

Length: 33 minutes

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Marketers’ RoundTable – A discussion of current marketing issues:

Selected quotes from the show:


JAY EHRET: “Integration should be natural. If you have to try too hard to integrate these new ideas into your marketing, then maybe it doesn’t really fit for you, despite the fact that it’s a good idea.”

DENISE LEE YOHN: “It’s the starting point that’s really important. As opposed to starting with the tools, you need to start with who’s your customer and what experience are you trying to create for them.”

BILL SCHLEY: “There are certain things that have to be foundational… It’s that message that is paramount. That needs to be consistent through everything.”

HARRY HOOVER: “If you’re not getting integration, it’s probably because you’re trying to do too many things.”


BILL SCHLEY: “It’s like having a party without the Tupperware. People seem to be forgetting that underlying asset; that message.

HARRY HOOVER: “I think there is some bubble aspect to social media, but I think it’s primarily because so many marketers are trying to do it like it was traditional media.”

DENISE LEE YOHN: “Until we really explore all the possibilities and figure out what is the best use of these new social media tools, we are going to be trying to figure it out, and maybe expecting it to do more than it can.”

JAY EHRET: “Marketers are guilty of taking traditional media practices and using them in social media.”


DENISE LEE YOHN: “The brand needs to not only be what you say, but what you do… The brand should drive the entire organization, guiding every single business task it does.”

BILL SCHLEY: “The logos and the taglines and those things are just an invitation to think about a brand a certain way. But the brand happens when the customer experiences it.”

JAY EHRET: “You have to be your brand in order to actually have a brand.”

HARRY HOOVER: “One of the things that’s missing is that there’s not a linkage between HR, and marketing, and the CEO position.”


HARRY HOOVER: “Marketers have the objectivity and the responsibility to look at the marketplace, see through the consumer self-deception, and figure out the answers to the tough questions that require serious analysis.”

DENISE LEE YOHN: “You need to be consumer informed, but you need to be brand led. You need to be led by your strategy… What is the role and purpose you want to fill? And then figure out how you’re going to do that.

BILL SCHLEY: “You have to have some notion, or insight into what customers really want obviously, or you’re not going to fulfill that need.”

JAY EHRET: “You maintain control of your brand. Branding comes from the inside out. You’ve got to be who you are.”

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