The Connection Between the Customer Experience and Conversation


In my four spot marketing model you see that the Customer Experience and Conversation are connected. It’s pretty simple, really. Here’s how it works:

The Experience is What Inspires Word of Mouth

Conversation doesn’t happen until somebody experiences something. And even when somebody does experience your business, it doesn’t mean they will talk about it. They must be inspired to talk about you, you must earn that word of mouth. It can be bad, it can be good, or maybe even great. But average, undifferentiated experiences don’t get talked about. Does your experience merit conversation?

Experience Provides the Fuel for Conversation

We’re talking about memories here. When customers talk about their experiences, they refer to specifics. They talk about memorable moments, or what I call magic spots. No one says “They have excellent service and outstanding quality.” Customers talk about what happened. Are you creating memorable moments, magic spots, for people to talk about?

Word of Mouth Creates Trial

If your business is getting buzz, new customers will want to see what everyone’s talking about. They will try you out. What they really want is that same experience their friends were bragging about. That means you have to be consistent in your experience delivery.

Conversation Creates an Expectation of Experience

Make an effort to know the good things that customers say about you. It creates an expectation of the experience that existing, and new customers will receive. If you disappoint, or deliver something different, it can create negative conversation. But also, if you exceed that expectation, you inspire even more passionate word-of-mouth.

You must have an experience worth talking about, new customers must experience what they’ve been hearing. Don’t leave it to chance. Plan out a remarkable, consistent customer experience that inspires conversation. You can use my free tool: The Customer Experience Map to create your own conversation-inspiring experience.

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