The Four Essential Marketing Spots Explained

I recently appeared as a guest on the Business Owner’s Toolkit podcast and they asked me to explain my Four-Spot Marketing Model. It contains what I consider to be the four essential spots of marketing: Branding, Experience, Conversation, Promotion.

I’ve illustrated them here in The Marketing Circle of Life, But Greg Corombos of Toolkit and I get to discuss them a in more detail in this 14 minute podcast.
Take a listen: The Four Essential Spots of Marketing
(My thoughts begin at the 2:50 mark)


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  2. […] The Four Essential Marketing Spots Explained – A 14 minute audio clip explaining the four most important marketing functions of a small business. Early last year I was a guest on Greg Corombo’s Toolkit podcast, where he asked me to explain how the four spots work. This audio clip will explain how all the marketing disciplines work together. […]

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