Your Marketing Message: The Club or The Rose?

Not “getting results” from your marketing campaign? It’s time to examine whether you’re using The Club or The Rose.

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Marketing is courtship. I know, that’s old fashioned. People prefer to run an ad to today and get business today. So they beat consumers over the head with a club, a hard sales pitch designed to overpower their mind, twist their arm, open up their wallet: right now.

How did you feel when you went to buy your last car and you got stuck with a salesman that wasn’t going to take no for answer. Don’t be that guy. But that’s who you are if you use The Club in your marketing message, pounding people over the head with your “buy now” pleas and your calls-to-action. People don’t wanted to be clubbed into submission.

Instead, court customers into wanting to have a relationship with you. This means you don’t create a single message or individual ad, you create a courtship campaign. Each ad is a date in which the consumer gets to know you better. And over time, not necessarily today, that consumer decides they want to go steady with you, open their wallet for you.

The main problem is that ad messages are developed isolated; as an individual message. You view your beautiful ad sitting all alone on a computer screen. That’s not how people receive it. They are exposed to your message in a flood of other marketing messages, each trying to get them to buy something right now…with a club.

So why not use The Rose? Court customers with a series of messages designed to open up your heart, letting them see the you they want to go steady with. Every now and then, with the occasional message, try to steal a kiss and ask for their business. But not all the time with every single ad. Who wants to be in a relationship with someone so needy?

How are you trying to attract new customers? With a club or a rose?

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