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The Framework for Crafting a Marketing Message That Gets Attention

Chapter 5 of The Marketing Plan Podcast

Use this framework to give your marketing message more impact
Image courtesy of Jonny Hughes

Your message is more important than the medium. What you say, and how you say it, is more important than where you say it. Chapter 5 is about communication: How to craft a marketing message that gets attention and has impact.

Jay Ehret shares his marketing message framework and the three principles to create a brand message that will move people. Two special guests will join The Dean to share their tips on adding creativity.


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Chapter Notes:

Principle 1: Give people your personality

The objective of your marketing message is not to make a sale, but to get the potential customer interested in your second message; it’s about getting them intrigued enough to want to move closer to your brand.

Principle 2: Add your brand’s promise 

Let customers know that a relationship with your brand will have value that goes beyond features and benefits. Your brand promise is what you deliver beyond the product or service you happen to sell.

Principle 3: Add Guile; be clever and unexpected

Create a unique and unexpected message that will capture the attention of your potential customers. Boring messages get ignored. They also anchor your brand with negative qualities

The Guests:

Luke Sullivan– Chair of Advertising, Savannah College of Art and Design, and author of the classic book on creating great ads “Hey Whipple, Squeeze This

Luke Sullivan on Involving the Customer

Attract readers to your ad by creating one that forces the customer to finish the thought for you.  In order to make something interesting involve your reader.  “Never show what you are saying, never say what you are showing”. Create an ad that causes customers to think.

Tom Altsteil -owner of PKA marketing in Milwaukee, and author of “Advertising Creative: Strategy, Copy and Design

Tom Altsteil on Three Ways to Maximize your  budget with creativity

1. Unexpected-presenting the familiar in a new and different way

2. Relevant: resonate with your intended target audience

3. Strategic-create an idea that can be extended to throughout multiple campaigns


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