Misleading Facebook Ad by LivingSocial?

After my I posted “Just Say No to Deals” two days ago, some people may think I dislike LivingSocial. Not so, I just think it’s the wrong strategy. However, I could change my mind…about the not liking part.

Yesterday, I saw this ad pop up on Facebook:


Here’s another version of the ad:


Looking for some new things to do it my town, I clicked the ad. Here’s the landing page for the ad:


First, I assure you, that is not a picture of Waco. Although we do have both a suspension bridge and some cliffs, just not together like that. Second, where’s my 365 things to do?

Clicking the “Submit” button (double meaning?) gives you this:


So, the “365 Things to do in Waco!” are really spending money with LivingSocial clients?

Is this ad misleading?

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