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Misleading Facebook Ad by LivingSocial?

After my I posted “Just Say No to Deals” two days ago, some people may think I dislike LivingSocial. Not so, I just think it’s the wrong strategy. However, I could change my mind…about the not liking part.

Yesterday, I saw this ad pop up on Facebook:


Here’s another version of the ad:


Looking for some new things to do it my town, I clicked the ad. Here’s the landing page for the ad:


First, I assure you, that is not a picture of Waco. Although we do have both a suspension bridge and some cliffs, just not together like that. Second, where’s my 365 things to do?

Clicking the “Submit” button (double meaning?) gives you this:


So, the “365 Things to do in Waco!” are really spending money with LivingSocial clients?

Is this ad misleading?

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Don’t Mess With My Groupon!

I will confess a bit of title hyperbole when I wrote Monday’s article: Email Coupons: The New Way to Kill Your Business. The topic incited several passionate responses in the blog comments, on Twitter, and through email. The response was fairly evenly split, but those who supported the Groupon and LivingSocial coupon discount schemes, were

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