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Rules for Awesomeness: 140 Characters Conference NYC

The Setup

On May 25th this tweet popped up in my Twitter stream:


Annie Tran was trying to win a trip to the 140 Characters Conference NYC next week. I’m speaking at that conference so Annie spotted my bio and latched on to my title. I responded:


Annie was very excited at the possibility of becoming honorary Chief Officer of Awesomeness (COA) of The Marketing Spot for a day.


Turns out, Annie won the trip to New York to attend the 140 Characters Conference. True to my word, she will be honorary COA for a day. Annie is taking this role very seriously, and is a natural leader. She has penned these Rules for Awesomeness for attendees and speakers at the #140Conf NYC:

Rules for Awesomeness by Annie Tran

As the honorary Chief Officer of Awesomeness of The Marketing Spot at the 140 conference in NYC, I feel it’s my obligation to hand down some rules to ensure that everyone is awesome at the conference. In order to get the best out of your experience at the 140 Conference, you have to be awesome. Follow these rules and maybe one day you’ll be Chief Officer of Awesomeness too!

  1. Use the #140conf hashtag when tweeting before, during, and after the conference. Makes it easier to follow the conversation, and it allows for the unlucky ones at home to follow along with the conference.
  2. Introduce yourself to at least 5 new people each day of the conference – get their business card and Twitter handle, it’s great way to make new connections and follow up on them.
  3. Sit next to new people after each intermission; you never know who you’ll end up sitting next to!
  4. Ask any questions that you have for the speakers via Twitter – you can find their Twitter handles on the 140 conference website.
  5. Tweet something you learned, or something you found interesting to share it with everyone at the conference – you never know, someone else may have found the same thing interesting!
  6. Re-tweet something interesting that you find on the #140conf Twitter feed – sharing is caring!
  7. Continue the conversation after the conference – the conference may only be two days, but the experience will last as long as you want it to.
  8. Say thank-you to @JeffPulver for making this 140 conference even possible, a friendly thank you goes a long way!
  9. Tell @JayEhret why you should be the next honorary Chief of Awesomeness – hey, it worked for me!
  10. Come find me, introduce yourself and say hi. I’d love to meet you, and it would make my experience just that much more awesome too!

There you have it folks, 10 simple rules to follow In order to be awesome. If you finish them, let me know, I might even be willing to pass the Chief of Awesomeness torch for a little while. Make the best out of the 140 Conference and be awesome, trust me, it’ll get you noticed!

Wondering how I became the honorary Chief of Awesomeness? Follow me on Twitter @_AnnieTran.

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