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Who Says You Can’t?

Do you ever think, “I’d never be able to do that?” Then let me introduce you to Annie Tran. She spent two days last week as honorary Chief Officer of Awesomeness at The Marketing Spot. And she did it while on her free trip to New York that she won from Jeff Pulver’s 140 Characters Conference. How did she do all this? Annie tweeted; posted a series of status updates on Twitter. That’s it. Well, she also believed she could win.

What was her secret to winning a free trip to New York (and a place of honor at the Marketing Spot)? In this video from the dimly lit foyer at the 140 Characters Conference, She makes it sound so simple.

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Annie’s Advice: Think big. You have to get noticed but use your own voice and be yourself.

Just do it, and see where you go. You don’t hold yourself back. If you have an idea, just go for it. If you fail, you learn, but if you succeed, amazing things happen.

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The Marketing Conference for Small-Town, Small Businesses

Really it’s for small or local businesses in any size town, but this edition of Jeff Pulver’s amazing 140 Characters Conference takes center stage on November 1st in Hutchinson, Kansas, population: 40,767. Usually the stage is an exotic location like San Francisco, Tel Aviv or Barcelona. What is the 140 Characters Conference? It’s a one-day

>Current Marketing Conferences Schedule

> If you’re looking to learn more about marketing and develop a marketing strategy for your business, here are some marketing and industry conferences I will be at in 2010. Optimization Summits – March 23rd, Dallas, Texas. A powerful event for small businesses. Two days, 22 speakers, multiple marketing tracts, presented in a workshop format.

>Conferences, Networking, Social Media and BlogWorld

> (Note: I’m in Seoul, Korea this week speaking at the Global Golf Course Marketing Conference on differentiation and the customer experience. I’m keeping my marketing eyes open for unique ways to differentiate and present your brand, then tie that in to a cool customer experience. I’ll post this week before leaving Korea) Last week

>Upcoming Marketing Conferences, Workshops, Seminars

> Here’s my schedule for the next few months. If you need a marketing speaker for your conference, trade-show or industry association event, please contact me. More information is available here: Jay Ehret Speaks October BlogWorld and New Media Expo, Las Vegas – (Attending) Great event if you want to learn more about blogging, podcasting

>Marketing Seminars, Workshops and Conferences

> Extend your experience beyond this blog. Here is my schedule of appearances for the next two months: Bank of America Small Business Online Community Forum “What You Need In Your Small Business Marketing Plan” When: January 29th, 1-2p Central Where: Small Business Online Community Forums Before the tactics, you need a plan. It’s not

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