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>Guerrilla Marketing Ideas

>Just finished a series on Guerilla Marketing over at our small business marketing case study blog: The Idea Spot

We dusted off the 1993 edition of Guerrilla Marketing by Jay Conrad Levinson to see if we might use those tactics in 2008. We called it the Guerrilla Marketing Time Machine.

Marketers are all caught up in new marketing and all things internet right now. And for valid reasons. But that doesn’t mean that some traditional tactics won’t still work just as effectively. In fact, maybe even more effectively now that everyone’s focused on the bells and whistles of web 2.0.

So check it out. Each post answers the question: “Is this tactic still effective today?” Plus we have how-to advice and ideas to turn each into a modern guerrilla marketing weapon.

Here are the tactics we covered:

Guerrilla Marketing Time Machine: Personal Letters

Guerrilla Marketing Time Machine: Yellow Pages

Guerrilla Marketing Time Machine: Magazines

Guerrilla Marketing Time Machine: Direct Mail Marketing

Guerrilla Marketing Time Machine: Advertising Specialties

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