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>July is build your marketing plan month.


Well not officially, but here at The Marketing Spot it will be.

Preview of July Coming Attractions
There’s a lot of practical blog-you-can-use stuff on tap for July. Become a subscriber so that you don’t miss any of it.

Taglines – Jim Morris, The Communicaterer, joins us on the Power to the Small Business podcast to tell us how to get a meaningful tagline. Jim is the creator of the Flinstones Kids “Ten million strong…” tagline.

Build Your Marketing Plan Month – The summer is the perfect time to tune up your marketing. Unfortunately, only a slim minority of small businesses actually have a marketing plan. I aim to change that. With a series of eight articles The Marketing Spot will help you build a simple, but effective marketing plan you can implement this Fall. I’ll even include a few tools and downloads. It will all be free!

Your new marketing plan will be based on our 4-Spot Marketing Model as illustrated in The Marketing Circle of Life. Here’s what you can expect:

July 8 – The Brand Promise: A shortcut to differentiation.
July 10 – Your Brand Signature: Create a tagline with meaning.

July 15 – Design a Consistent Customer Experience for loyalty and word of mouth.
July 17 – Mapping a Remarkable Customer Experience with Magic Spots

July 22 – Conversation Starters: The message of word of mouth.
July 24 – Conversation Playbook: Stimulating word of mouth by providing conversation opportunity.

July 31 – Courting Customers
August 2 – Where to Promote: Use the Media Spotter Matrix

You may want to do a little homework before we get started. Here is some recommended reading:
The Marketing Circle of Life – An illustration of the 4-Spot Marketing Model.
All Your Marketing is Connected – Explains how all your marketing efforts work together, whether you like it or not.

This will be quite an ambitious and intense project, so I’ll need a little R&R. That’s why at the end of the month I’m heading off to San Francisco for…

Search Marketing Expo Local/Mobile – Ok, so I’ll be mixing work and pleasure, but for good reason. Mobile marketing will be a key future advantage for small businesses. I’ll do some blogging late in the month about mobile marketing and local search.

Guerrilla Marketing Ideas – You can succeed without advertising, but it takes some new-fashioned marketing warfare. I’ve recruited some guest bloggers who actually practice what they preach. Tune in this month for your dose of non-traditional marketing.

reExperience StarbucksBecky Carroll and I continue our year-long journey through the Starbucks customer Experience. We’ll have the results of our survey, plus analysis and why you should even care.

Holy cow! This promises to be a huge month on The Marketing Spot. Make sure you don’t miss any of it. So let The Marketing Spot come to you: Receive by Email or Get The Marketing Spot in a blog reader

>Guerrilla Marketing Ideas

>Just finished a series on Guerilla Marketing over at our small business marketing case study blog: The Idea Spot We dusted off the 1993 edition of Guerrilla Marketing by Jay Conrad Levinson to see if we might use those tactics in 2008. We called it the Guerrilla Marketing Time Machine. Marketers are all caught up

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