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Burning Marketing Questions Answered

Episode #96 of Power to the Small Business Podcast

most common small business marketing questions answered

– How do I get my name out there with impact?

– What local marketing tactics am I neglecting?

– How do I know my tagline is good?

In this episode of Power to the Small Business I answer some of the most common marketing questions submitted by small business owners.
Host: Jay Ehret of

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Marketing Questions Show Notes

Question: How do I get my name out there with impact?
Submitted by: Sharon Smirl of Waco Furniture Hospital

Formula: Exposure + Stickiness + Consistency = Impact
A consumer will only consider purchasing from you if you are present in their thoughts during the decision process.  So you must expose your business name and service as much as you can. Don’t limit your thinking by looking for the best way to get exposure, rather look for the best ways (multiple) to get your brand name and product/service offerings exposed.

– The local farmers’ market
– Targeting non-profits that have to buy furniture for their clients
– Create a series of video tutorials on refinishing old furniture and how to shop estates sales
– Host refinishing workshops at the store.

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Question: What local marketing tactics am I neglecting?
Submitted by: Jeffery Shirley of Jeffery Shirley Designs

One thing that businesses do that they shouldn’t is think that local is different than being national. So things like SEO, and content marketing can be very important for local searches.

– Start blogging
– Make sure your business has a Google Plus page
– Offer yourself up to speak at chamber functions or for other civic organizations.
– Conduct a  workshop to create a website.

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Question: How do I know my tagline is good?
Submitted by: A Beach Body Coach

Here is the basic criteria for a good tagline, it’s from my friend Jim Morris, also known as Tagline Jim. A good tagline is one that:

  1. Translates your brand promise, filtered through your brand personality.
    For example: Dollar Shave Club – “Our blades are bleeping great.”
  2. They break your guessing machine and have a stickiness factor.

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