@David  A logo is a graphic design or an emblem that symbolizes an organization may it be a company, business, school, etc. A logo is a distinguishing mark of any organization or company. The logo will become the business’ sole identity and it is what sets them apart from other businesses. http://www.logox.co.uk

Jay Ehret
Jay Ehret

>Good points, David and I agree. While a logo is not the brand itself, it can, and mostly does, play an important role in the brand's visual identity.

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>I like your last statement. A logo is not branding. The examples you have however, are recognizable because they have massive branding and excessive marketing to ensure that. It could be a polka dotted dress and it would still work. However, a logo is one aspect of branding. In my opinion, a relatively large one.

I've seen some logos a million times and never had any idea who they were and completely ignored them. I finally got the curiosity and wish they had communicated more earlier. I've seen other logos and been instantly intrigued, and knew at least what they were selling.

I would not have remembered the name "Viper Chill" without the logo. That stuck, and I'll never forget it.

In my experience, logos can play a huge roll in branding, or just be a question mark on the sidelines. Logos are not branding. But especially if you don't have much capital for marketing, it might be worth coming up with a decent one that communicates effectively.


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