>Weekend Marketing Reading June 28


Here are some of the week’s best small business marketing blog posts. They are categorized by the four spots of The Marketing Circle of Life. Enjoy and be educated.

Photo credit: Earl – What I Saw 2.0

Customer Experience: Who is your customer? – Understanding the different roles of customers by Bernhard Schindlholzer of The Customer Experience Labs. Delivering differentiated services that lead to remarkable experiences requires a thorough understanding of your customers. Schindlhozer identifies and defines the five roles of the customer.

Advertising: Advertising Flattens: Where’s The Connection? by Rich Becker on Copywrite, Inc. Why all advertising is local and where to put your emphasis.

Branding: Passalong Advertising by Al Ries on The Ries Report (video) I struggled deciding on a category for this link. While Al talks about advertising here, his thoughts illustrate the connectedness of all marketing efforts including word of mouth and advertising.

Conversation: Chipotle by Jessica Wicker on Fresh Eye in Marketing. I’m cheating a little bit because Jessica is an intern here at The Marketing Spot. But it’s a good story that shows how Chipotle moves in to a market with little to no advertising.

Coming to The Marketing Spot:
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– Book review of Tuned In
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In July: Guerrilla marketing ideas.
In July: More reExperiencing Starbucks

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