>A Chink in the Apple Brand Armor


Not everything is peachy in Apple land. On the surface it wouldn’t appear so, given that Apple has surpassed Google in market capitalization. But there are now visible fissures on the brand surface, courtesy of glitches in the iPhone 3G.

Then there’s this on the Apple home page:


Note the line: “Twice as fast. Half the price.” It reminded me of John Moore’s recent comments on Brand Autopsy about this Starbucks billboard:

Starbucks billboard
See a better pic on John’s blog.

“As marketers, we know there is not a faster, better, or cheaper route to commoditizing a brand than using unemotional language like: Faster … Better … Cheaper.”
– John Moore

The Apple brand has never really been about cheaper and faster, at least until now. Remember when Apple wanted you to “Think Different?” Be careful, Apple, lest you lose your brand hipness in a quest for brand ubiquity. Starbucks is traveling that road right now, and it’s a bumpy one.

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