Classic Spot: The Customer Experience Map

The customer’s experience may be a small business’ important marketing function. Rewarding your customers with a memorable experience goes way beyond providing good service. Here are some classic articles from the Marketing Spot Blog archives to help you create your own remarkable customer experience.

Building Customer Loyalty

Why is loyalty so elusive? Because good customer service is not good enough. The answer lies in the 100% Solution presented in this audio slidecast:

The Word-of-Mouth Spark

The customer experience is where you convert preconception in to customer evangelism. Here is an illustration of how that works: Critical Intersection: Your Customer’s Experience

People need something to talk about. That something is not good service or good people. The spark to word of mouth is created by memorable moments, those out-of-the ordinary interactions you have with your customers. I call them: Magic Spots in The Customer Experience

The Customer Experience Map

But the real secret to creating a remarkable experience is to map it out, start to finish, using a theme to tie all the elements together. I have created a tool to help you design such an experience. You can download the tool for free here: The Customer Experience Map

What’s remarkable about your customer’s experience? How are you inspiring loyalty and sparking word of mouth?

Free Webinar Tutorial for The Customer Experience Map:
I’ve created a free, 42 minute recorded webinar that you can watch on demand. The tutorial shows you how to use the customer experience map to build a remarkable customer experience.
Watch it here: How to Create a Remarkable Offline and Online Customer Experience

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