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Episode #39 of Power to the Small Business podcast.

It’s easy to get marketing advice from a marketer, not so easy to get front-line marketing advice from a small business owner who know’s what she’s talking about. So we shift the paradigm in this episode of the Power to the Small Business podcast, to bring you a discussion with Megan Duckett, an entrepreneur with the heart of a marketer. Megan is just like most small-business owners. She learned about business and marketing after she started what is now a successful theatrical curtain business: SewWhat.

In this episode of Power to the Small Business, Megan Duckett shares what she’s learned about marketing in 13 years of building a successful business.

Megan Duckett Sew What
Megan Duckett
Sew What

Guest: Megan Duckett Owner of SewWhat, Rancho Domingo, California
Length: 24 minutes

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Show Notes:

Selected quotes from Megan Duckett:

“You have to understand what you’re selling, you have to know the people you’re selling it to. It’s just not enough to have a good idea, I don’t think that flies.”

“Price point and service don’t always meet in the middle. You cannot be the provider of the greatest service and the lowest price point.”

“If you can re-direct your mind to consider the customer’s need, not was is easiest for (you). Making decisions that make the customer’s day simpler, friendlier, easier…. A client will pay more for that type of value.”

Show Links:

Megan Duckett’s Company: SewWhat

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