Quote Spot: Branding

Bite-size branding wisdom in the of form branding quotes.


“A brand needs to be comfortable in its own skin in order to consistently maintain it’s personality.”

– Jay Miletsky in Perspectives on Branding

The takeaway here is true branding. Brands should be constructed from the inside out. Sustainable brands are not built on what you think the crowd will like.


“…true differentiation, sustainable differentiation, is rarely a function of well-roundedness; it is typically a function of lopsidedness.”

– Youngme Moon in Different (my 2010 “read of the year”)

The branding takeaway here is not to try to be all things to everybody.


“Instead of trying to present a Teflon-smooth surface, project a three-dimensional personality, inconsistencies and all. Brands can afford to be inconsistent as long as they don’t abandon their defining attributes.”

– Marty Neumeier in The Brand Gap

The brand takeaway here is to give your brand a personality while delivering your brand promise.

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