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Premium Webinar: How to do a direct mail marketing campaign.

Direct mail is the forgotten marketing weapon of small businesses. That’s a shame because it can be very powerful and extremely affordable. I’m excited to announce our next premium webinar from The Marketing Spot:
How to create and implement your first direct mail marketing campaign on a budget.

Registration Details: Direct Mail Marketing Webinar

For more details, please watch the video, and see the webinar outline below. Email subscribers and feed readers, click here to see the video:
Direct Mail Marketing Webinar

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This webinar will teach you how to do your own direct mail marketing campaign all by yourself. Except for the cost of printing, mailing list, and postage, you will not need to invest in outside help if you don’t want to. We’ll even provide a downloadable template to you help you lay out your own artwork!

Here’s the information you’ll receive in this webinar:

PART I: The Basics of Direct Mail

  • The Direct Mail Marketing Process.
  • What’s the best form of direct mail?
  • How Does it work?

Part II: Creating a Direct Mail Piece

  • The Direct mail message and offer.
  • Laying out  direct mail delivery piece.
  • Over size postcards.
  • Template and design
  • Printing

Part III: Mailing the Piece

  • Partnering with a mail house
  • The Mailing List.
  • How to get the best postage rate.
  • Mail preparation.

Part IV: Response, Conversion, and ROI

  • Landing pages, phone calls, QR codes.
  • Delivering the promised goods

REGISTER NOW for an early bird registration discount of $30 + a free bonus registration you can give to a friend or client!

Get more details and register here: How to do Direct Mail Webinar

Marketing Across the Digital Media Divide

You really can’t market to everyone using one medium or one tactic. And while the new, digital marketing media gets most of the favorable press, that doesn’t mean the old, traditional media doesn’t work, despite premature reports of its demise. So the big question is: How do you market to whom? Or, more appropriately, where

>Guerrilla Marketing Ideas

>Just finished a series on Guerilla Marketing over at our small business marketing case study blog: The Idea Spot We dusted off the 1993 edition of Guerrilla Marketing by Jay Conrad Levinson to see if we might use those tactics in 2008. We called it the Guerrilla Marketing Time Machine. Marketers are all caught up

>Educational Read: Direct B-to-B Marketing

>From Direct Magazine: Shopping List, Best media options for B-to-B retention marketing. Ruth P. Stevens writes a comprehensive survey piece on the direct marketing options for the B-to-B Market. She details strengths and best uses for E-mail, webinars, Phone, RSS feeds, Mail, and Events. Stephens also suggests media to avoid for the B-to-B marketing including

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