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Free Webinar: Four Straightforward Steps to an Attractive Brand

You want the formula for marketing success? Here it is: All marketing success starts with a strong brand.

Start with a crappy brand and even the magical, mystical powers of social media <sarcasm> will not redeem you. Your brand is your identity, it’s the reason people will, or will not, form relationships with you as loyal customers. Yes, you might be able to lure some people in one time with a “weird marketing trick,” but you do so at the expense of your reputation and customer loyalty.

Start with great brand foundations and you will still attract customers, even if your marketing skills suck. It’s that simple, it really is. Entrepreneurs want to blame their marketing tactics for lack of success because, let’s face it, that’s much easier than accepting the blame for creating a poor brand. If your marketing sucks, in all likelihood, it’s because your brand is severely lacking. And it’s time to fix that.

Please join me for my next free webinar: How to Build a Brand That Attracts and Keeps Loyal Customers

free branding webinar from Jay Ehret

On Thursday, August 21st at 1pm Eastern, I will give you an actionable plan to build your brand  (It will be recorded).

  • Learn the three things that make a brand attractive and how to build them into your business.
  • Learn the actionable steps you need to build your brand, or revive your current one.
  • Learn how to get your customers to try you, trust you, and buy from you.
  • Learn how to retain customers after you’ve attracted them.

This is action-step webinar. You will leave with a concrete plan of action steps to build your brand. Space is limited. Make sure you register for access to the live webinar or recorded file.
Get registration details here: How to Build a Brand That Attracts and Keeps Loyal Customers

My Branding Failure

…and your branding gain It seemed like a good idea. I had a client video shoot in one hour, plus an errand to run before the shoot. I’ll just fire off a quick email to invite my email list to my Branding 101 Webinar. Nothing complicated, just a simple invite in hopes of getting a

How to Create a Tagline Webinar

Although taglines are not necessary, they help your business cut through the clutter by adding clarity and sizzle to your brand. In fact, a tagline can be your most effective brand communication tool. The first webinar in the Marketing Edge Series is How to Create a Tagline That Makes Your Brand Pop. I’ve prepared a

Premium Webinar: How to do a direct mail marketing campaign.

Direct mail is the forgotten marketing weapon of small businesses. That’s a shame because it can be very powerful and extremely affordable. I’m excited to announce our next premium webinar from The Marketing Spot: How to create and implement your first direct mail marketing campaign on a budget. Registration Details: Direct Mail Marketing Webinar For

>Announcement: Facebook for Business Webinar

> (Note: this is a special announcement, not a normal advice article) Announcing my first premium webinar: The Complete Guide to Facebook for Business When: January 18, 2011 Time: 12 Noon Central Length: 90 minutes Investment: Special offer for registration before January 1st Registration Details: Facebook for Business Webinar All the details are explained in

Premium Webinar: The Complete Guide to Facebook for Business

The Complete Guide to Facebook for Business Webinar **Please note: This webinar has been completed. The recorded video file and accompanying workbook will be available soon for individual purchase. To be notified when it becomes available: Subscribe to The Marketing Spot News & Events by Email The webinar that teaches small business owners and entrepreneurs

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