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It’s Never Just a Marketing Issue

If you want to bang your head against the wall, blame your business problems on your marketing. “The reason we don’t have more business? It’s just a marketing issue.” There’s the business side of things, and then there’s marketing. Umm…not so fast. Actually, they’re the same thing Over on the Brand as Business Bites blog,

Marketing With SOUL

Howard Schultz faced an intriguing choice. The former Starbucks CEO could enjoy the rewards of having built Starbucks into a world-wide brand, or he could return to the daily grind by reclaiming the CEO title after an 8-year absence. He chose the grind. What tipped the scales? Schultz told Bloomberg Businessweek: The company had been

What is Marketing?

Let’s start with the Wikipedia definition of marketing: Marketing is “the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.” Holy cow, what does that mean? Sounds like Jibber Jabber to me.   College courses teach the Four P’s of

Pressing the Panic Button

You need business and you need it now. You don’t want all this “take a few weeks to work on your brand” stuff. How about something you can do RIGHT NOW to market your business for immediate impact? Because in another month or two, it might be too late. Flickr photo by aperte Fair enough.

Why I Don’t Find a Niche

Other marketers frequently advise me to “find a niche.” What they mean is to specialize in an industry, or re-package my stuff for an industry. Such as “The Marketing Spot for Real Estate Agents.” I don’t want to…at least not in the way they mean niche. The thinking is this: people would rather see a

The TED Advanced Video Degree in Entrepreneurship

There just isn’t time to go back to school to receive advanced entrepreneurial training. You’re too busy running your business. Heck, most business owners never received any formal education in entrepreneurship. They learned the craft at the school of hard knocks. Welcome to the University of TED (Technology Entertainment Design). Within these videos are the

Nonprofit Marketing: It’s not an event

Let’s get rid of this notion that nonprofit organizations should market differently than for-profit businesses. While nonprofits may not be selling goods and services they are selling something; donations, passion, or an idea. The primary flaw in nonprofit marketing is micromarketing, focusing on short-term, one-time events. Nonprofit organizations tend to focus on marketing for donations,

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