Cut The B.S. in Your Marketing Materials

Freelance copywriter Andrea Goulet Ford of Write Ideas Marketing Blog has a noteworthy lesson about using superlatives in your marketing materials. I urge you to read it here: Cut the B.S. if you want your marketing to make an impact

Your marketing stinks. Cut the BS in your marketing message.

Using meaningless superlatives in marketing is so commonplace that you are probably doing it without knowing. Have you been tempted to use “The Leading ________” to describe your business? Then you are guilty of using B.S. (what Andrea calls Boastful Superlatives). What exactly are you leading?

Some other commonplace B.S. is to compare yourself to big successful companies. A friend of mine went to a pitch for a new electric provider last week and they compared themselves to Google because of their postitive cash flow/low debt position. Excuse me, but that’s B.S.

When you use B.S. consumers understand that it’s B.S. and it has no postive effect on them. In fact, your marketing materials may smell a little stale to them. Instead of using B.S, take Andrea’s advice and use product descriptions that have meaning and connect with your customer. It will be a breath of fresh air.

Give Them A ROSE

A good way to think about your marketing messaging is to present a R.O.S.E. = Right On Spot Emotional. This is a combination of your Brand’s Promise delivered with an emotional appeal. Emotional appeals are more than twice as effective in marketing as purely rational arguments. Marketing messaging that is purely emotional also outperforms emotion + logic. What is the emotional reason customers should do business with you?

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