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Customer Speak

Do you have a primary customer profile?
You can increase the potency of your marketing message by speaking to a specific person that matches your primary customer profile. When you create a generic message trying to reach everyone, you reach no one in particular.

However, if you craft a message to an educated professional mother, with career aspirations, between the ages of 40-50, your message has more impact, even for those who don’t fit the profile.

Emotion vs. Logic

Don’t you get frustrated trying to create the right marketing message? Maybe this will help: Emotion beats logic in marketing. It’s a fact.
According to the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising, campaigns that were purely emotional performed nearly twice as well those that were purely rational. Surprisingly, they also performed 20% better than those campaigns that combined emotion + logic.

Proof of the Truth

Your marketing message is good for a one-time visit by the customer. When she arrives, she will ask: “Were you telling the truth?” The experience you deliver to customers is the proof of who you believe you are, and who you say you are in your marketing message.

Appealing Websites

Particularly with your website, it really is true: “First impressions count!”

In 1/20th of a second, visitors will decide how much they like your website based on its design and visual appeal. That opinion influences the remainder of their visit to your site.

Is your website visually appealing? One way to increase the appeal is to add emotionally engaging videos and images.

Negative Word of Mouth a Boon?

The old maxim holds true: “I don’t care what you say about me, just spell my name right.”
Research shows that negative word-of-mouth is not all bad. Negative word of mouth can actually create awareness for a brand or product that people didn’t previously know existed.
But… I DON’T recommend increase word of mouth by committing a crime.

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Torpedo Your Marketing Campaign for Success
Torpedo Your Marketing Campaign for Success

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