The Business of Belief

It’s a lot easier to say you want a successful business, than it is to believe you can actually have one. Do you really believe in your business? There’s a simple test to find out.

Tom Asacker was recently a guest on my podcast to discuss his latest book: The Business of Belief. It’s a powerful little book that targets how you think, rather than what you can do. Tom and I discussed connecting with customers and their desires, but then our conversation turned to the entrepreneur and the sometimes elusive quest for “success.” Why is it so difficult for some businesses to be as successful as the owner thinks the business can be?

The video snippet below is that portion of our conversation. You can listen to the complete discussion on my podcast site: Belief in Your Business

“People who truly believe in whatever the approach is they’re taking, courage never even comes to their mind. They are just driven by it.”

“If we’re not stretching, if we’re not trying new things…then for us to say; ‘Yea, I’m innovative,’ or, “Yea, I really care about my customers,” that is not true.

“Your actions tell us what you believe.”

~ Tom Asacker

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