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Brands Help Customers Make Choices

Why branding? What is the value of a brand? The simple answer is this: Brands help customers make choices. [Reference: What is a Brand?] Just look at it from the customer’s perspective. A customer is having some problems with her car and she doesn’t know what’s wrong with it. She begins her search for a

Brand vs. Brand vs. Local Brand

Every new customer goes through a decision process. And the first decision is “Where do I buy?” The answer to that question is determined by the strength of the brands in consideration. Whether or not you get a chance at the business is determined by the strength of your brand. It’s a competition between brands

Taglines: When the Brand Name Doesn’t Promise

This week on The Marketing Spot features a series of articles on Brand Building to Build Your Business. Part 1: It’s Never Just a Marketing Issue Part 2: Define Your Brand Part 3: Creating Your Brand Vocabulary Part 4: Brand vs. Brand vs. Local Brand What’s in a brand’s name? Not nearly enough. Especially when

Define Your Brand

Yesterday we discussed how marketing and business are one and the same. Marketing is not something you do to get more business, it is a natural extension of how you do business. This week I’ll feature a series of articles that will help you align your marketing with your business, focusing on the brand. The

The Product Thinking Trap

This morning I was searching online for some granite countertops in my hometown of Waco, Texas. Clicking one of the websites I found this mission on the front page of a local company: Our goal is to provide top-quality, eco-friendly granite, marble, quartz, and recycled glass products. This is a fine goal to have and

How to Create a Tagline Webinar

Although taglines are not necessary, they help your business cut through the clutter by adding clarity and sizzle to your brand. In fact, a tagline can be your most effective brand communication tool. The first webinar in the Marketing Edge Series is How to Create a Tagline That Makes Your Brand Pop. I’ve prepared a

Fire This Consultant

Fire this consulting firm: It tells you to not be you, but instead to be something you’re not. Brand Sustainability Let’s start with some context, this article from Fast Company: A Hamburger Chain That Asks Its Customers To Not Order Hamburgers, which details how a sustainability organization, The Natural Step, convinced Swedish hamburger chain Max

Getting Attention vs. Being Liked

Is your business able to grab customers’ attention? Or do you think people just like your business? There’s a difference. One of the primary purposes of a brand is to get people’s attention, to be able to stand out in a sea of commodity businesses. For people to start doing business with you, they must

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