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Google+ = Brand Failure?

Want to be able to quickly judge the potential of a new brand? Take it through the brand discovery sequence: Can the brand grab the attention of potential customers? What’s the brand’s answer when people ask: “What is it?” When they know what it is, they ask: “Why should I care?” The strength of the

Personality: The Thread That Binds Your Brand

Guest Post by Jill Tooley Although many brands have embraced the idea of personality in the public eye, some still turn up their noses at it. Big mistake! A company or organization needs to appear human to the public—especially regarding social media and marketing efforts—because it helps consumers establish an emotional connection. Without that connection,

Killing Giants with Brand Tension

A book is only as good as it’s insights. Not takeaways; those bullet lists are a dime a dozen. Insights change your thinking or change your action. For me, Brand Tension was the insight in  Killing Giants: 10 Strategies to Topple the Goliath in Your Industry by Stephen Denny. Brand Tension: The combination of two

Billboards and Brand Dilution

While driving through Central Texas yesterday, I spotted this billboard perched above a Harley Davidson Dealership: My initial reaction was: “What-tha? Harley Davidson is now about low prices and fuel economy?” So I posted the billboard pic on Twitter and asked if the brand was starting to “wear thin?” Meaning is Harley Davidson, or at

Mr. Happy Crack says…

Guest Post by Jim Morris Brands with a sense of humor (in their tagline) win. Case in point: The Crack Team, a St. Louis-based foundation repair service, now with 15 offices across the U.S. Founded in 1985, this business grew reasonably but incrementally over the next 16 years, reaching sales of $3 million. Then, in

Quote Spot: Branding

Bite-size branding wisdom in the of form branding quotes. “A brand needs to be comfortable in its own skin in order to consistently maintain it’s personality.” – Jay Miletsky in Perspectives on Branding The takeaway here is true branding. Brands should be constructed from the inside out. Sustainable brands are not built on what you

Where Does Your Brand Stand? (Free ebook)

You often feel like you need to do something to help your business’ brand. But what? I’ve developed a free tool in to help you evaluate your brand, so you know where to start working. It’s a free branding ebook, The Brand Building Checklist: Evaluate your business and build your brand. It’s yours free to

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