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How to Create a Tagline Webinar

Although taglines are not necessary, they help your business cut through the clutter by adding clarity and sizzle to your brand. In fact, a tagline can be your most effective brand communication tool. The first webinar in the Marketing Edge Series is How to Create a Tagline That Makes Your Brand Pop. I’ve prepared a brief video with more detail on the webinar.

YouTube Preview Image

The thing about taglines is you need a good one. Not just any tagline will do. Good taglines have two primary qualities:

1. A good tagline communicate your brand’s promise.

2. A good tagline is “sticky,” or memorable.

This is the webinar that will teach you how to create a sticky tagline for your brand, that clearly communicates your brand’s promise, in a way that helps you cut through the clutter. Your tuition is only $69, and it comes with a money-back guarantee. You can see the syllabus and enroll in the webinar here: Create A Tagline That Makes Your Business Pop!

Date: Thursday, October 6th
Time: 1PM Eastern
Length: 75 minutes
Tuition: $69

Enroll in all four Marketing Edge Premium Webinars for just $139! Get complete details on all the webinars here:
 The Marketing Edge Webinar Series

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The Tagline Creation Process

Flickr photo courtesy of theakshay My marketing friends Paul Williams and John Moore ask the question: Are Taglines Important? My answer: “You’re darn tootin’ they are.” (It’s a Texas expression) Their conclusion is that taglines have a place…sort of: The more undifferentiated a brand is,THE MORE it needs a tagline. The more distinctive a brand

The Fight Against Tagcrimes

I tend to be a libertarian. Do your own thing as long as it doesn’t harm others. Live and let live. Laissez-faire and all that. However, I’d like to propose a piece of federal legislation that is decidedly un-libertarian. I propose a federal, if not global, ban on several tagline formulas that wore out their

Mr. Happy Crack says…

Guest Post by Jim Morris Brands with a sense of humor (in their tagline) win. Case in point: The Crack Team, a St. Louis-based foundation repair service, now with 15 offices across the U.S. Founded in 1985, this business grew reasonably but incrementally over the next 16 years, reaching sales of $3 million. Then, in

Is the era of the great tagline over?

Guest post by Jim Morris – Tagline Jim The short answer: There’s no such era. The really long answer: There is a commonly held perception that the golden age of taglines is behind us. Looking back over the past 50, 60 or 70 years, there have indeed been many great taglines dotting the landscape. But

Express your brand digital-age-appropriately

Part 7 of Build an Awesome Brand Month. See all other articles here: Build an Awesome Brand By Jim Morris As you watch the marketing world grappling with our ever-morphing digital reality, you may feel like you’ve lost whatever tenuous understanding you may have had about how to prioritize your marketing dollars. Apparently, traditional media

The tagline as conversation starter: Create the opportunity to give your elevator speech.

Part 6 of Build an Awesome Brand Month. See all other articles here: Build an Awesome Brand By Jim Morris No one is suggesting that creating a good tagline constitutes a marketing plan. Obviously, there need to be other tools in your marketing drawer. Which tools those are will depend largely on the nature of

>The quest for brand immortality.

> Part 4 of Build an Awesome Brand Month. See all other articles here: Build an Awesome Brand By Jim Morris A brand only exists to the extent that it exists in the minds of others as a bundle of impressions, associations and predispositions. And within the mind, a brand exists along three continua: duration,

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