>The Marketers Roundtable 2 – A Discussion of Current Marketing Issues


The Internet show about small business marketing.

Episode #41 of Power to the Small Business podcast.

Hear ye, Hear ye! Interested citizens of The Internet, you are invited to the second gathering of the Marketers RoundTable.

Whereas marketers like to congregate and discuss marketing,

And Whereas I am a marketer with a podcast,

Therefore, let them gather at The Marketers RoundTable to discuss marketing issues for all to hear on Power to the Small Business.


Al Lautenslager Author of Guerrilla Marketing in 30 Days
Stephen Denny – President, Denny Marketing
Connie Reece – Chief Community Officer, New Media Lab
Jay Ehret – (Host) Chief Officer of Awesomeness at The Marketing Spot

Length: 34 minutes

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Marketers’ RoundTable – A discussion of current marketing issues:

Selected quotes from the show:


AL LAUTENSLAGER: “People want to plan it out just right, get it perfect. I have an old saying: “Done is better than perfect.”

STEPHEN DENNY: “Very often it’s just more important to get something going than it is to be absolutely, positively, 100% that you’re absolutely, positively right.

JAY EHRET: “There are no tactics that are right for everyone.”


STEPHEN DENNY: “So much is social media centers around this idea of listening and dialog, and interestingly I’ve found that it’s the other way around that makes more sense.

JAY EHRET: “Can you imagine Jesus sitting down with the 12 disciples and saying: “Ok, tell me where you think I should be on this issue.”

CONNIE REECE “It’s useless to talk or listen, if you haven’t decided what your business is at its very core. Know thyself. That’s just fundamental.”


JAY EHRET: “Social media marketing, while I like it…I think this notion that it’s better than all other forms of marketing is unproven. There’s no data to back it up.”

CONNIE REECE: “It’s one tool in the arsenal. I don’t ever think anybody should say, ‘oh, we’re just going to do social media marketing. It needs to be a compliment to the traditional marketing you’re doing.”

STEPHEN DENNY: “Blogging, social media, Facebook, Twitter, whatever you happen to be engaged with is almost as much a cultural decision as it is a business decision.

AL LAUTENSLAGER: “The ‘I’ in ROI is free, but time is money.”


AL LAUTENSLAGER: “I’ll take that risk every time of over-promoting a book…Because people will sometimes just buy the book, take you home with them and put it on the bookshelf.”

STEPHEN DENNY: “The marketing starts before the book writing starts.

CONNIE REECE: “If writers want to continue being published, they have to learn how to join their marketing efforts with the publishers.”

JAY EHRET: “Publishers do want the authors to promote their own books, and if that’s the case, …do you really need a publisher?”

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