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(Note: I’m in Seoul, Korea this week speaking at the Global Golf Course Marketing Conference on differentiation and the customer experience. I’m keeping my marketing eyes open for unique ways to differentiate and present your brand, then tie that in to a cool customer experience. I’ll post this week before leaving Korea)

Last week I was a guest on Matthew Ray Scott’s Marketing Story Podcast. Matthew couldn’t make it to this year’s BlogWorld and New Media Expo, but I did, and he wanted the scoop. We discussed:

– Social Media effectiveness and it’s future in marketing.
– My top three BlogWorld takeaways.
– Networking at conferences and conventions.
– The ‘panel’ format that is now popular at conferences.
– The lost art of the speech.
– You have to make time to get away from your business!

I like that Matthew injects his own personality into the production of the podcast, he creates a different and off-beat feel. But, he does live in Portland, after all.

Take a look and a listen here: Marketing Story Podcast w/Jay Ehret

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